Why Wine

You wanna know what I like to do at the end of the day? When things are all wrapped up, kids are in bed, and the computer is off (it’s hardly ever off, actually)? When the world falls silent and you can hear the cockroaches creeping around, when the human race calms down and the senses tunes down?


You know, ASTRO channel’s got this Jazz Music on 111? I turn that one on. Then I grab either a book that I am reading or National Geographic or last week’s newspaper, plonk myself on the sofa armed with a glass of wine and then start reading! Continue reading ‘Why Wine’


Friendster’s got the crappiest Blog system

No, wait. Let me correct that….Friendster.com has got the crappiest of everything! I don’t know why Friendster is still around despite the current surge of more sophisticated blogging/photo posting/video posting/linking websites around! I think multiply.com is one of the best around. Don’t know, been using it to keep up with my friends and all that and they seem to be working wonders for me. Yeah, I know…how can I miss it with all that hype….myspace too. I also tried the latest launch from yahoo which is their 360 degrees thing. Works pretty much like multiply and myspace actually except that it has all of your Yahoo links, friends, messenger list and stuff in there. Pretty neat if you have everything under Yahoo. Continue reading ‘Friendster’s got the crappiest Blog system’

Women Are Difficult To Decipher

I don’t get it. I just don‘t. How come men always say that women are hard to understand. We are a really understanding bunch of people who would do anything and everything for the people we love and adore. We don’t expect people to GUESS what we’re trying to say.

Jamie, my dear cousin wrote about how to decipher what women are saying when they say certain words.  I mean, we always say it as it is what…what’s the problem? To rebutt some of the things Jamie said,

When women say ‘Fine‘, they usually mean fine. You mean, men don’t say fine to end an argument or discussion? ‘Five Minutes‘ is standard for all Malaysians, not just women. Continue reading ‘Women Are Difficult To Decipher’

Would you, Have you ever waved a Malaysian flag?

Eh, Merdeka coming lah, so, it’s time to be a little patriotic, rite? I mean, we’re Malaysian what, rite?

Right. I loved your response.

OK, here’s the thing. I love Merdeka. I think it’s very meaningful but then Merdeka, to me, in my personal opinion, I think, I guess, I opine….is more important to some other people than to people like me. Let’s classify ‘like me’….planning to get out somewhere with more freedom of speech!!!! I love Malaysia and admire what the country has become so far but somewhat, if you ask me to sing the ‘Negaraku’ song or wave the Malaysian flag, no way lah. But then we have more than 60% of Malaysians who will what. So…ok-lah. Set lah.

There was once I saw a car that looks like a Malaysian flag. That was way over the top, man! Never see anything like it before, dude! Then got little-little flags all over the roof! Wahlau-eh. Classic case of a man gone bongcus or a man with a flag-production business gone down the drain. Continue reading ‘Would you, Have you ever waved a Malaysian flag?’

Blackie No More

Reading Kenny Ng’s blog reminded me of something that happened eons ago….something that I cried buckets of senseless tears over. Well, not really senseless but….yeah, you’ll get what I mean.

Used to stay in my in-law’s place and there’s this really huge, big, ferocious-looking labrador roaming the yard. He looked like he could wolf you down but actually, he is the kind of canine who really likes a scratch.

Anyway, he’s old and he’s always sick. His ass is growing worms and maggots, he can’t hear and one eye’s popped. Gosh, it’s sad just to look at him. He wobbles around to you when you call ‘Blackie…’ and much of what we gave him for food is left uneaten. He looks as if he would like to eat it but didn’t have the energy to chew. Continue reading ‘Blackie No More’

Attached at the hips: Issue 1, Aug 2007

It’s finally completed! IT’S FINALLY DONE!! I don’t know what to say, really.

Most of you know that I am in full support of freelancing and mothers who wants to work from home or start their own business. The idea of writing and publishing my own newsletter have been bouncing around in my grey matter for a long time but because of work load, I have never found the time to do this before.

But it’s all a matter for sitting down and forcing yourself to write it, I guess.

And I finally did it.

You can find the first issue of ATTACHED AT THE HIP Vol. 1, Aug 2007 here. It’s a PDF file that you can download, save, share, email, repost and print (and use it as toilet paper).

Happy reading! Please find me on my website and give me feedback. Don’t worry, I can take quite a beating, so, please don’t be gentle with me! Cheers,


The waves stroked the sandy beach gently beneath a calm, mildly windy afternoon. The sun smiled at the holiday-goers and the sunbathers were rewarded with a healthy tan and beautiful glow. Laughter…that’s what you can hear from the beach. The sound of lapping waves soothes, calms and invited slumber. Ssssshhhh……Ssssshhhhh….Ssssshhhh…..

But in a split second, everything starts to fall apart. You’re sinking in black angry waves! A curtain of dark clouds has been drawn over the sky and flashes of fury lit the nightly sky. You’re struggling for breath….gasping and gulping in salty sea water. As darkness envelopes you, you salvage every breath that you manage to draw into your oxygen-hungry lungs! But you know the clock is ticking and you’re sinking. Sinking….. Continue reading ‘Struggling….sinking’

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Dreams make the soul, without the soul, the body is nothing. So...live your dreams!

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